Independent artists in their own right, the duo are back with their collaboration on Curious. Bringing their unique blend of skills together on this project Major D created the 2D animated game for the release while Priscilla Angelique produced the music, video and artwork for the project.  Both artists collaborated on the songwriting.

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Curious Ninja the Game

Curious Ninja is a single player battle game based in a time in the not too distance future when an alien life force seeks to overthrow the earth by sending humanoid robots cloned from a popular singer to destroy the human race.

A special force of ninjas are trained to destroy the humanoid robots. As one of these ninjas you will discover the secret that the original Curious Ninjas used to destroy the humanoid robots.


Use kunai to disable the humanoid robot

Use the sword to inflict additional damage on the robot

Get power back by jumping and collecting hearts

WARNING: This is a promotional tool used as part of a worldwide marketing strategy to dominate the earthlings and promote the release of ‘Curious’ by USA/UK duo, Major D and Priscilla Angelique. Continually playing the game may result in uncontrolled humming of the song or randomly singing the song at unexpected moments during the day.