Major D

Major D is a charismatic Oakland, CA rapper.  He began his musical journey at the early age of 15 years old and later branched into songwriting, music production and engineering.  His experimentation behind the mic flourished as his passion for telling the stories of his hardships and triumphs in the inner city developed.  Major D is a seasoned lyricist  and highly fluent rapper.  He has performed with a number of West Coast Hip Hop artists including Billboard artist ‘The Jacka’ and has released a mixtape with Academy Award winning rap group ‘Three 6 Mafia’ and ‘Project Pat’ aka Patrick Stephen Houston.  He is a collaborating artist on the label.


David Mariam @ Noho Arts District Reviews Holla

The new track ‘Holla’ is collaboration between UK artist Priscilla Angelique and US rapper Major D. The song is very unique in its own sense adding something new to the seemingly plastic and repetitive dubstep scene. What makes the track so enjoyable is the fusion of different influences that make up the song; the dark and grimey bassline/dubstep beats blended with the fast paced West Coast Hip-Hop lyrics. They have taken two very different genres and made them flow surprisingly well. The use of synth sounds are also a nice addition to dress up the music. It isn’t just the sound of the music that makes it good, but the vocals themselves which are very fresh. Priscilla Angelique has that Ms. Dynamite ‘Fire’ feel about her and Major D has a distinct voice and sounds like the track was made for him. This song is perfect addition to your playlist on for a night out and would fill any dance floor (Noho Arts District).